A No-Code Solution For Digital Assets on Cardano

Creators shouldn't have to be coders.

Talismo is a self-service tool that empowers any artist, business owner or other type of creator to focus on what they do best, while we help you grow your community. Apply NFT-based utility to any website without coding it yourself, and use your imagination to create the ultimate token-gated content or incentive structure.

Make Content Exclusive
Our content vault process empowers creators of all kinds to sell NFTs as access to protected content.
Proof of Attendance
Keep your exclusive content exclusive to your NFT community in ways that only a side chain service like ours can.

Media Production

Determine your own distribution rights to your indie film and sell access to content with digital tokens.
Monetize Livestreams
Provide live shows to your most loyal audience by selling digital assets that act as passes.
Sell Products
Enhance your local store with digitalized goods. Sell VIP passes, discount cards and more.
Make certificates of authenticity for buyers and earn royalties from secondary sales.

Going to CNFTCon?

About The Event

CNFTCon seeks to create a fun and memorable experience that unites the community in a grand celebration, while reflecting on the year’s accomplishments and the journey ahead.


Las Vegas Convention Center

3150 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89109 United State

Q1 2022
Planning Phase

Developing UML diagrams in order for plans to be actionable.

Q2 2022
Back-End Architecture

Creating the most important functionality first. Partnering with projects for custom solution development.

Q3 2022
Self-Service Interface

Design all user interfaces and back-end interactions. Invite the first round of beta testers.

Q4 2022
Soft Opening

Product launch. A limited number of users will be allowed to make accounts and interact with the system as normal.

Early Adopter Program

Please use the form below to contact us about adding free utility to your digital asset project early on as we develop.

App Updates

End of Epoch 356 Update

Login System Nears Completion Our token-based login system is the first step of delivering the Talismo app by October as defined in the Project Catalyst proposal, and we are working to getting this component completed by the middle of this month. We are designing the appearance of the token now, if you contribute your own …

End of Epoch 356 Update Read More »

End of Epoch 349 Update

End of Epoch 349 Update

The planning phase is complete. While we may find the need for more schematics later, we have enough to get started. The login system is under-way and our next priorities will be gate logic, the API services and on-page script functionality.

End of Epoch 348 Update

End of Epoch 348 Update

This epoch we also discussed the details of the on-page script functionality, and the potential security risks involved in each render-blocking method.